Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Now is not the time to turn on your stupid switch

Well as everyone in america knows , Tropical storm slash hurricane slash no one know really WTH it is , Isaac is about to hit Louisiana. And i don't think every one would be freaking out like they are if it wasn't for hurricane Katrina all those years ago.

In Covington , people at the Walmart decided to , in the words of my good friend Leo , turn their stupid switch on and fight over a loaf of bread.

Call me a hippy but Why cant we all get a long and go peacefully through this natural disaster without fighting over bread!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Well , I guess this is just another excuse to take up some time in my, oh so boring, schedule.

For the past eleven years of my life I have gone to the same school, with the same people, and mostly same friends.

I used to make the best grades in my classes , have the highest test scores , and always the teachers pet. And then I stopped taking my medication. With ADHD, Jr.high and high school wasn't to friendly to me. After five years of my roller coaster grades , from a 1.6 to a 2.5 , my parents finally had enough.


ya! You get to sleep in! Take breaks whenever you want to ! Only 3 hours of school per day ! See your friends when ever you wan-


Again , another moment when the dreaded ADHD interferes.

* OK i'm going to do two lessons today of american history , one lesson of math and then- i'm hungry*

.-. So if i don't finish my work i don't get to see my friends. Well i'm a lazy person who wishes that the Acio spell in the book Harry Potter actually worked .

Oh, yeah, I love me some Harry Potter.

* "Jess , here is your work for toda-" "
Expelliarmus!" -Books fly across the room-...."Did you just?" ..."No."*